Herpes Breakthrough Shows The Main Factor That Causes Outbreaks
January 2, 2016
Is There A Cure For Herpes?
February 13, 2016
Thrive with herpes in 2016

Are scientists still looking for a herpes cure? At this point we are already facing a public health crisis. HSV doesn’t cause much discomfort for those “lucky” ones who don’t have severe outbreaks and only get mild symptoms. Unfortunately, there are millions of people who experience awful monthly outbreaks and have to spend tons of money on expensive medication. Some of those people are so ashamed of their condition that they have even given up on social and love life.

Television, radio, news, your doctor – everyone keeps telling you the same thing: there is no herpes cure. Herpes statistics is shocking: two-thirds of the population has oral herpes, and four hundred million people have genital herpes. This number is rapidly growing, and each and every year approximately 20 million people get infected with herpes. So what are we, as a society, doing about this problem? Basically, nothing. We are just sitting around and waiting for the results of yet another herpes research.

Most people have certain stereotypes about herpes. Some think that it is something shameful, dirty and disgusting. But is it really? It’s just a virus. When people get flu no one is making a big deal out of it, because everyone knows that it will just go away. But since herpes can’t be cured many people are afraid of it.

Herpes is spreading around the world so quickly that people are starting to realize, that something needs to be done about it. Otherwise, soon everyone will have herpes. Nowadays, many people who have herpes don’t even have the decency to tell their partner that they are infected (mostly because they are ashamed or afraid to be dumped).

Is it time to accept the fact, that herpes virus has become everyone’s problem. You can’t hide from herpes in your basement forever. It is time to do something about it. We need to know our enemy and be ready to face it.

We are calling the year of 2016 “THRIVE With Herpes” year. The main purpose of it is to combine our knowledgeThrive with herpes in 2016
and share the experience of people who took charge of their lives and learnt to control herpes, and make this information available to those who have just got infected with HSV. In general, all herpes sufferers are going through the same issues, and that is why it is very helpful to join support groups where you can share your feelings and experience with others. We want to make a bigger effort and continue our search for an ultimate herpes cure 2016.

Yes, we all know that there is no FDA approved herpes cure. But how many people are actually doing experiments in their labs trying to develop herpes vaccine? Not many. And how many people around the world are looking for a remedy that will finally help them get rid of herpes? Millions. There is definitely a way to live an outbreak free and happy life, but most people are not aware of that. And maybe there is even a way to eliminate herpes forever.

Here we include a form that you can fill out if you want to share your experience with herpes. How did it affect you mentally and physically? Were you able to get rid of it or not? What things helped you during hard times? What remedies did you try? What did and did not work? Millions of people are looking for the same answers that you did. And your experience can teach thousands others how to thrive with herpes. If you learned how to not pass the virus to other people and how to make your peace with it, please share it, too. It will help so many people. It is our number one goal to stop herpes from spreading around the world.