Natural Herpes Cure For 2015|2016 And Why You Should Use It

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August 13, 2015
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Natural herpes cure: can it really help? There is a number of reasons why natural remedies should be taken into consideration. They usually cost less, work better and do not have any side effects. However, most people don’t understand the concept of using their body’s strongest defense mechanism – it’s immune system, and prefer to just take prescribed medication. Natural remedies may cure herpes symptoms for some people and help you live a better and healthier life.

Most of the websites share the same information regarding natural herpes cure.

Remedies that should be applied externally:natural herpes cure
Aloe Vera
Epsom Salt Baths
Tea Tree Oil
Raw Honey
Peppermint Oil
Backing Soda
Lemon Balm cream

And used internally:
Vitamin C
Olive Leaf Extract, Zinc
Oregano Oil

The problem is that none of those external or internal remedies can help cure herpes for good. The remedies listed above are very effective and can speed up the healing time when you have herpes outbreaks (most of those remedies should be applied during or at the beginning of an actual outbreak). But in this case, “herpes cure” refers to eliminating herpes symptoms and not the virus itself. So it has nothing to do with actual herpes cure and can’t remove the virus from the body.

Immune system plays a major role in preventing herpes outbreaks. In most cases, outbreaks appear when immune system is too weak to fight herpes. Stress and depression, slags and toxins, too much sugar from junk food and soda, sleep deprivation and overexertion, recent illness or surgery – all these factors have a negative effect on immune system.

It is also important to remember that in order to find a natural herpes cure that would actually work, you need to take care of your overall health condition and adopt a healthier lifestyle. That will lower the percentage of asymptomatic shedding from 30% to – hopefully – 0%, and the level of asymptomatic virus shedding is usually proportional to a number of outbreaks per year.

Let’s look at other obstacles that prevent you from being healthier. Do you know that 99% of people have parasites? You don’t notice them when your body is young and full of resources. But those creatures have to eat (and they just love to eat the nutrients that you need to keep your immune system strong) and poop in your body, and that is why your body has to work extra to clean itself every day, year after year. And when your body is not young anymore and can no longer properly do it’s job, it starts struggling with other diseases which eventually weaken your immune system. So it is very important to do an anti parasite cleanse.

Our human body is subconsciously controlled by our mind. Your heartbeat, pulse, blood flow – your brain is in charge of everything. Using hypnotist or self-hypnosis can benefit your body. It is possible to unlock unconscious mind via special induction, mental forms and pictures, and stimulate better immune response to herpes virus so that natural remedies would work better for your body.

If you want to be cured of herpes naturally, you can’t just use one remedy from the list. You need to develop a system that will strengthen your immune system so that your body could use it as a shield against herpes and other viruses. Consider adopting a healthier diet, lowering – or quitting – tobacco and alcohol intake, doing parasite cleanse, balancing nutrition consumption, managing stress levels, getting enough sleep and using natural remedies. This will help you control herpes and become healthier and happier.