Is There A Cure For Herpes?

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Is there a herpes cure? When someone gets infected with herpes simplex 1 or 2, that is usually the very first question that pops up in their head. In this article we will discuss whether there is a herpes cure or any other way to beat herpes.

Before we go any further let me say that there is still no herpes cure approved by FDA. But don’t give up just yet. Let me try to explain what a cure is and why there is no herpes cure today.

Basically a cure is the end of a medical condition; it’s a medication treatment or surgical operation that can permanently remove the virus from human body. In order for any kind of treatment, vaccine or drug to become a cure it has to get approved by FDA. This is a 3-phase process which requires a potential cure to show better results compared to other similar treatments. Otherwise, nothing can be called a cure.

Of course, Food and Drug Administration regulates many is there a herpes cureindustries, but mostly it regulates drugs, dietary supplements, prescription and non-prescription drugs. Natural and alternative medicine do not fit into the conventional FDA regulatory, and that is why a natural remedy cannot usually considered to be a cure. Plus, it cost a lot of money to run tests in order to get FDA approval. Often only big companies can afford that.

That may be why there is still no FDA approved herpes cure. By the standards of FDA, if someone claims that he or she has found a herpes cure, then it’s always a fraud. So is there really a way to get rid of herpes permanently? Well, you have to do your research and decide that for yourself. But keep in mind couple things:

– There are FDA approved over the counter drugs that are prescribed by doctors.
– There are FDA approved creams and lotions.
– There are natural remedies that are considered to be safe and that can help relieve herpes symptoms.
– There are protocols (e-Books) that suggest that lifestyle changes and using specific natural products can help you permanently get rid of herpes.

To sum up:
Is there a cure for herpes? No.
Can you get rid of herpes and live outbreak-free? Yes. But it is hard to determine whether you still have herpes virus in your body or not until you have an actual outbreak.

But don’t worry, you will be alright. You will learn to live with herpes and have a healthy and happy life!