Herpes or medications which one will hurt more.

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Which herpes medication is available?

There is three medication available that are recommended by doctors. The issue remains that medication can only help with symptoms and can’t cure herpes for good. Also, there is a theory lot of people believe that eventually herpes can overcome medication and become resistant. Also antiviral drugs won’t stop the viral shedding which typically occurred 20% of the times even when symptoms are not present. In this article, we will talk about medication and two different therapies for herpes and what kind of effect it can cause to the whole body.

In most cases the doctor will prescribe Acyclovir (Zovirax) oldest that was developed in 1982, Famciclovir (Famvir) uses penciclovir as its active component to stop the virus from replicating. Similar to valacyclovir, it is absorbed better,   or Valacyclovir (Valtrex) is newer drugs and considered to be more efficient because it uses acyclovir as its active component and can deliver acyclovir more efficiently and can be taken less frequently. All these antiviral drugs are efficient and considered to be safe. They all can cause mild side effect approved by FDA. It is advised to get familiar with possible side effects. There are two types of therapies that can be suggested.

Episodic Therapy –  Should be used when first symptoms of tingling or mild sensation appear and should be taken when for next several days Until outbreak will heal or will be overcome.

Suppressive Therapy– usually prescribed to people who experience more than six outbreaks per year and viral drugs should be taken daily. Studies showed that people lowered number of outbreaks  per year and it is also lowered but not eliminated chanse of passing herpes virus via viral shedding.

Here is an interesting research by Professor Lee Heung-gyu at KAIST showing that if antibiotics are overused, the balance between the microorganisms living in our bodies could be broken,  immune system lowered which can lead to other diseases.  Of course, antiviral drugs are not the same as antibiotics at the same time they don’t make the immune system any stronger.

Another interesting fact that body can build up resistance against herpes antivirals medication.  This usually appears in immunocompromized patients. So keeping the immune system healthy is a must. If the immune system is at it’s best you probably should not even worry about an upcoming outbreak.

It is perfectly reasonable to take herpes medication if you needed. Just bear in mind that you are not doing yourself any favors by overusing it and eventually you may pay the ultimate price with your health. Natural cure an excellent option in many studies showed that if used properly they can be as an efficient and in some cases even more beneficial long term.
Many natural remedies can substitute antiviral medication and although boosting immune system should be the priority if the idea is to live outbreak free.herpes medicine

Medication or natural remedies it is up to you, and only you can choose the way you want to live. One thing remains that is also you are now responsible for those you got infected by you. I know it sounds harsh, and no one blames anybody. But staying healthy with less percentage of days with viral shedding or using suppressive therapy to minimize the risk it’s a benefit to you and society.