Herpes Cure Prognosis, Vaccine Development And Ways To Control HSV

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May 13, 2015
Immune System And Herpes Cure
July 13, 2015

Scientists have been trying to find herpes cure for the past 40 years. Today many people start to understand what HSV really is and how hard it can be to deal with herpes outbreaks. However, herpes virus continues to spread and it is our mission to prevent it from spreading any further. There is still no cure for herpes as of now and, therefore, there is only one simple way to stop the virus from spreading – everyone should be taught basic things about herpes: how to avoid getting infected with the virus and what can be done if you already have been exposed to it.

Scientists from Albert Einstein College of Medicine reported that they have tried an innovative approach which let them make a breakthrough that may prevent herpes from spreading in the future.The vaccine uses a completely new approach. Instead of creating antibodies it behaves like HSV-1, just without a necessary component of gD protein. When HSV-2 enters the cell via HSV-1 pathway and uses HSV-1’s gD protein it is not able to replicate itself or infect other cells, so no further outbreaks occur. At the same time the immune system is able to eliminate herpes and no virus was found in subjects afterwards. This study was conducted on mice. herpes prognosis and yoga

This is great news, however it will take at least few years for scientist to finish their clinical trials and get FDA approval. Of course, there is still no guarantee that this vaccine will work at all since humans and mice are different species and the virus, that has survived for more than two thousand years, may mutate and become resistant to vaccine. So at this point people who suffer from herpes should learn to control the virus and not pass it to other people.

Herpes virus along with physical discomfort brings a lot of stress which can cause more symptoms to appear. And since there is still no herpes cure 2016 breakthrough it is very important for people who had just got diagnosed with HSV to learn how to deal with their condition. There are many things that can make a big difference when dealing with herpes such as natural remedies: raw honey, aloe vera gel and epsom salt baths for an external use, and olive extract leaf, lysine and foods low in agrinine for an internal use. And it is extremely important not to stress too much – it can actually boost immune system and make it easier to control herpes.

Mohca recommends meditating first thing in the morning to stay positive and keep herpes virus under control. Positive visualizations can also help deal with herpes. Here is an example of a simple visualization practice:

– Stand still or sit in a comfortable position.

– Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths.

– Loose tension in your eye leads (very important), neck, shoulders, arms, legs, upper and lower back and continue to breath slowly and deeply.

– When your body is relaxed enough say the following things (out loud or in your head): “I am healthy, I am happy, I am free, I am loved and I love, My immune system is strong enough to suppress any virus, I feel good with other people around me.” Basically, it can be any positive affirmation that is relevant to you. Don’t forget to breath deeply and think positively.

– Visualize positive things. Picture yourself being happy and healthy, surrounded by your family and friends, having fun and not worrying about a thing.

Continue this practice every day for 10-15 minutes for a few weeks and you will notice positive shifts in your life.

It is very important not to engage in sexual activity with people you don’t know very well especially if they have any herpes symptoms, even minor ones such as headache. Unfortunately, many people are “young and stupid” and do not realize the consequences of herpes virus and simply don’t care about other people because they have herpes already.

Herpes is a very uncomfortable condition. Forbidden fruit that all people desire (sex) comes along with a nasty virus that may affect your whole life. Physical and mental discomfort can ruin immune system and/or personal relationships. Learning more about herpes virus should help people become more aware of the virus and teach them how to prevent other people from spreading herpes.