Genital Herpes Cure Ideas That May Change Your Future

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July 13, 2015
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You have probably already heard that there is still no genital herpes cure at this point. And of course you have read tons of information about “magical pills” that may help cure herpes, and about “miracle natural remedies” that somehow prevent herpes outbreaks. Yet, you are still here looking for an ultimate genital herpes cure. In this post we will discuss different options that can help people deal with genital herpes.

What impact does mental health have on herpes?

Should you use over the counter drugs? What problems can they cause in the future?

Which lifestyle changes can help you become healthier right away?

The World Health Organization has recently published their herpes research, and now people are more willing to admit they have herpes. At the moment there is a lot of interesting information regarding herpes floating around, so it’s a perfect time to do something about your HSV problem.

Here is a fun short video that has some interesting information about oral and genital herpes cure. It talks about recent researches and developments in the field.

If oral or genital herpes are causing pain and discomfort why wouldn’t you do something about?

Recent discovery shows that stress often causes herpes outbreaks to appear. Worrying about genital herpes and outbreaks can cause additional stress which in some cases leads to distress, depression and more outbreaks. It is very important to overcome psychological issues in order to prevent future herpes outbreaks.

Learn more about genital herpes, symptoms, asymptomatic shedding and find out how the virus is spread. This should help you understand how to act in the future in order for you not to get infected yourself or pass the virus to others.

There are millions of people dealing with herpes and most of those people are happy. They have normal sex lives, good relationships, very few or sometimes even none outbreaks. Find someone you can talk to about your problem. Supports groups can help you accept yourself, but it’s always important to talk to health professionals and doctors about your problem.

If you want to get rid of herpes, there are many antiviralgenital herpes cure ideas drugs out there. Keep in mind that medication prescribed by your doctor won’t cure your genital or oral herpes. It may help minimize the symptoms, lessen the amount of pain and shorten the period of an active herpes outbreak. If you experience recurrent monthly outbreaks then suppressive therapy is a way to go. That also means that your immune system is very weak and chemicals in your body are not doing anything good for your overall health. This therapy requires taking drugs daily and sometimes it may prevent outbreaks from reappearing. Don’t forget that genital herpes medication can cause side effects, lower your immune system and in some cases stop working after your body develops resistance to it.

What about natural oral and genital herpes cures? Do they work?

Natural herpes cure (and by “cure” we mean that it can make herpes symptoms go away but can’t remove the virus from your body completely) can be very effective. Several researches show that raw honey is more effective in treating herpes symptoms than popular over the counter creams and lotions. In addition to that you can use aloe vera gel, baking soda, raw apple vinegar, olive leaf extract and oregano oil. These products are less expensive and more effective than many antiviral drugs. They can also boost your immune system and reduce herpes outbreaks. Keep in mind that this remedy won’t cure genital herpes completely but it will help eliminate the symptoms.

The biggest question in herpes community is whether there is a way to permanently cure genital herpes symptoms?

It was mentioned in the video above that in most cases you experience herpes outbreaks if your immune system is too weak to suppress the herpes virus successfully. There are many natural cure options such as certain vitamins and olive leaf extract, oregano oil and foods high in lysyne, etc. But even if you take those supplements but ignore main principals of a healthy lifestyle, you will probably experience a herpes outbreak sometime in the future.

There have been some reports from raw foodists who have herpes but, supposedly, manage to live outbreak-free. Here are few principles that raw foodists and fruitarians follow:

1. No alcohol, no cigarettes, no coffee, no animal products (vegan diet), no processed foods or drinks.
2. Getting enough sleep every night (at least 8 hours and going to bed before 10-11 PM).
3. Less stress.
4. Doing some light daily workout or/and yoga.
5. Positive thinking and affirmations.
6. Eating a lot of fresh (best if organic) fruits and vegetables, mostly carbs and only 10% of fat (usually “good” fat such as coconuts and avocados).
7. Not eating before bed, having the last meal of the day at least 3-4 hours before bedtime.
8. Drinking a lot of mineral water, green juices and smoothies.

We don’t recommend to go raw just to cure genital herpes but to improve your overall health in order to have an outbreak-free life. There is no “magical herpes cure pills” and no quick fixes, but taking good care of your body and mind will lead you to your ultimate health.