Genital Herpes Cure

February 13, 2015

Herpes Symptoms: It Is Very Important To Know

Genital Herpes Is The Most Common Sexually Transmitted Disease; It Is Very Important To Know The Symptoms Of HSV Why is it so important to know the most common symptoms of herpes and take them seriously? No one wants to get herpes, especially since there is still no FDA approved herpes cure. If a person gets infected with herpes he or she would have to maintain a certain lifestyle or take antiviral drugs for the rest of their lives. Due to the fact that 80% of people who have been exposed to HSV are not aware that they have herpes, […]
July 13, 2015

Immune System And Herpes Cure

Herpes is an infection caused by herpes simplex virus. The virus is more primitive than bacteria and it stays in the nerves cells. It is impossible to get rid of herpes simplex virus. Once the virus enters the cell it will reproduce using cell material and eventually destroy the cell. When herpes simplex virus type 2 enters human body it moves to the nerve cells along the spinal cold and stays there forever. Even when herpes virus is not causing any herpes symptoms it can still be passed to other people through asymptomatic shedding. When HSV is suppressed by immune system […]
August 13, 2015

Genital Herpes Cure Ideas That May Change Your Future

You have probably already heard that there is still no genital herpes cure at this point. And of course you have read tons of information about “magical pills” that may help cure herpes, and about “miracle natural remedies” that somehow prevent herpes outbreaks. Yet, you are still here looking for an ultimate genital herpes cure. In this post we will discuss different options that can help people deal with genital herpes. What impact does mental health have on herpes? Should you use over the counter drugs? What problems can they cause in the future? Which lifestyle changes can help you become healthier right […]
January 13, 2016
Thrive with herpes in 2016

Thrive With Herpes In 2016

Are scientists still looking for a herpes cure? At this point we are already facing a public health crisis. HSV doesn’t cause much discomfort for those “lucky” ones who don’t have severe outbreaks and only get mild symptoms. Unfortunately, there are millions of people who experience awful monthly outbreaks and have to spend tons of money on expensive medication. Some of those people are so ashamed of their condition that they have even given up on social and love life. Television, radio, news, your doctor – everyone keeps telling you the same thing: there is no herpes cure. Herpes statistics […]