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Certain studies suggest that cannabis oil can cure herpes. But can it relieve all the HSV symptoms and permanently eliminate the virus from the body?

Herpes simplex virus is an infection that affects the lives of millions of people every year. Although it’s a very common disease, it’s not an easy one to live with. Oral and genital herpes cause physical pain and discomfort, including blisters, muscle ache, itching, fever, open sores, fatigue, and headache. But oftentimes humiliation, isolation, and shame are the most debilitating symptoms of HSV.

People with HSV usually have periods (weeks, months, and sometimes even years) of the virus being dormant. However, even when there are no symptoms present, herpes patients remain infectious to others.

Herpes symptoms tend to appear when the immune system is suppressed. That is why herpes outbreaks are often triggered by stress (a hormone called cortisol is released into the bloodstream in response to stress or fear by the adrenal glands and weakens the activity of the immune system), unhealthy habits, such as smoking and drinking alcohol, sleep deprivation, lack of physical exercise, bad diet, overexposure to the sun, and general illness.

There is no herpes cure approved by FDA. But does it mean that people infected with HSV will have to live with it for the rest of their lives? Not necessarily. There are various remedies that can relieve herpes symptoms, shorten the duration and severity of outbreaks, and suppress the virus. Many herpes patients choose natural treatments over conventional therapies because they are often more effective and, unlike prescription medication, have no drug-related side effects.

Substantial evidence suggests that cannabis oil may treat herpes outbreaks. Researches conducted in 1980 and 2004 show that the major cannabinoid found in cannabis called tetrahydrocannabinol modulates the body’s immune response to counter the herpes virus effectively. Another study revealed that topical application of tetrahydrocannabinol could ease the pain associated with herpes outbreaks, reduce the time it takes for blisters to heal, and reduce the frequency of attacks. Some scientists believe that certain cannabinoids can slow or even stop the reproduction of oral and genital herpes.
More information about “The Effect of Δ-9-Tetrahydrocannabinol on Herpes Simplex Virus Replication” study by R. Dean Blevins, Michael P. Dumic can be found here.

We also want to point out that researchers from the South Florida Health Sciences Center conducted a study in 2015 showing that THC prevents viral reactivation in gamma herpes viruses (EBV and KSHV). However, during animal trials it hasn’t proven to be as effective in treating HSV-1 (oral herpes).

Keith Gregory Barber is a herbal healer who claims that applying a topical remedy of powdered cannabis root and green cannabis oil can put the herpes virus into remission. He revealed that he first contacted herpes back in 1996. Three years later Mr. Barber applied cannabis oil topped and the root powder and had been living outbreak-free since then. Over the past few years, he had treated many people with HSV using his method with 100% remission from further herpes outbreaks. Mr. Barber explained that not enough research has been done on cannabis oil in this area, and because of that, it is very difficult for him to share his knowledge with other people. However, he continues to spread the word about cannabis oil treatment through social media and even offers to send it to any of his followers free of charge. If you have tried using Mr. Barber’s method, please contact us and share your experience. We would then update this article and add your review (anonymously). We still haven’t contacted any of the individuals treated by Mr. Barber and can’t confirm that his method is indeed effective. But if you feel like trying his mehod you can contact him at his facebook profile

So, can cannabis oil cure herpes? As of now, there is not enough clinical evidence to make the call. However, the information that we have at the moment suggests that cannabis oil may become a powerful weapon against HSV in the future.